Praise Reports

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Thank you for your prayers, colonoscopy went well.
Carolyn Boose, Online
I prayed, fasted, touched and agreed with GMCHC ministers,sow seeds and gave Bishop's love offering and believed God for a husband within a year God blessed me with a husband and we have been married for over a year. Praise be to God and He is so faithful!
Tamara Covington-Seck, Online
Bishop Owens visited First Church of God during the Berean Leadership Conference and spoke about Dreams. I just wanted to let Bishop Owens know that he blessed my soul and helped me to realize that God does indeed hear our prayers and our dreams. I was doubly blessed to hear his lovely wife - Co Pastor Susie Owens speak at the FCOG Sisters Breakfast in D.C. just the week before her husband spoke at FCOG. I pray that God continues to bless this wonderful ministry.
Shanetelle Trimble, Online
Received health insurance reimbursement. Thank you for your prayers
Carolyn, Online
I am getting a free consultation with Dr. Mines.
Carolyn, Online
God Bless you Bishop,

I just want to testify of the healing I received during Friday nights healing service.

When I was twenty four I was told by the doctor that I was going to have problems with my knees when I got older. I didn't believe him of course, but when I began walking from home to the metro station which is about three long blocks from where I live, yes they did hurt but I suffered through with the pain and kept on going. I thought this would be good exercise for me so I didn't stop. When I went through the line I felt one of the ministers touch my legs and a worm feeling went through my body. Some of the ministers put their hands on the top of my head and I could feel the power of God on them. After the service I told one of the ministers that my knees didn't hurt any more. I also told the minister that they must have fasted and prayed many days, because you could feel the power of God in the sanctuary while you Bishop and the ministers walked through the sanctuary praying. I truly thank God for you Bishop Owens, CO-Pastor Owens, Bishop Brown and Lady Bobette. Too God Be all the Glory!
Deaconess Linda Pratt, Online
Your choir was a blessing to the people at the GMWA Board meeting when they ministered in song. I am a local, a member and a minister of Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, MD also a member of the Evangelistic Board of GMWA and the Academic Division of GMWA so I just want to PRAISE THE LORD for you, your church family and the choir. I felt so blessed and honored on that night. Just keep on PRAISING GOD! God bless.
Cle Anderson, Online
Your choir was a blessing to the people at the GMWA Board meeting when they ministered in song. I am a local, a member and a minister of Evangel Cathedral in Upper Marlboro, MD also a member of the Evangelistic Board of GMWA and the Academic Division of GMWA so I just want to PRAISE THE LORD for you, your church family and the choir. I felt so blessed and honored on that night. Just keep on PRAISING GOD! God bless.
Cle Anderson, Online
I just want to Thank God for those who have been praying for my son Dominique Henderson, I had asked prayer for him earlier his departure from Japan to his new post on the boarder of Mexico and California as Navy Military Police, they have moved him off of ground force to Harbor Police in the CA waters. I cried all weekend and during service knowing the possibilites and danger he faced so young I know the threat is still present but God is present to and answering a mother's prayer, "No Weapon Formed Against Him" Kept playing back in my mind on Sunday! Please continue to pray for him and lift him up in prayer, Although I haven't seen my son in 3 years, God is forever present and working and moving on his behalf! Thank you and God Bless! Sis Rhonda
Rhonda Henderson, Online
I asked a Deacon to pray for my son, who was stationed in Japan he had called me during prayer time after the alter call a week before the Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan, the deacon prayed for him on the phone for his protection and safety during his transition from Japan to United States, as Military Police officer Terrioist Unit. He called me informing me that he was safe and in the states and that his entire Unit in Japan were all spared and safe. The search party did no realize that he had been moved from Japan to States during the Earthquake& Tsusami, he was still on the roster, the only one missing they sent out 3 search parties while trying to reach him on his cells issued by them, after several hours of trying to find him, Japan & Pentago that he was not in Japan but has just left and was safely in Texas... God Moved him Just in Time...Please continue to keep him in your Prayers, he'll be on The TiJuana Boarder stand post on the border of Mexico and CA, protecting us and fighting the drug cartel and drug runners....
Rhonda Henderson, Online
I just want to say I thank God for a praying church. I participated in the Prayer revival on Friday night. I had sent out text messages asking my friends if they had any prayer requests. The next day after I rested, I had spoken with each person that asked me to pray for them. They all said that they felt better in their bodies. One friend said, " I was wondering why I felt better?" I tell you, PRAYER will change things. Thank you Calvary for being a light on a hill! God bless.
Yashica, Online
I was feeling a little discouraged by somethings that have been going on in my ministry. Too much misunderstanding for me and I know I am always detailed and forthcoming with details and love. Hopeful always and excited about the future of my church. But hearing the negativity lately of people my church(in Norfolk, VA)almost to the point where it was almost affecting me. My husband tells me sometimes I give too much, understand and put up with people too much. God blessed me with an expectancy spirit of great things to come. I have been feeling it deeply. NO matter what I've been going thru in my personal/family life, it makes me want to expect even greater things. Then all of a sudden a lot of negativity comes my way and I must have received it..because it started affecting me to the point where I didn't want to talk to these negative people when I see them. Now I see your website. The website alone is a blessing. I Can just imagine your church. Because the website alone is so wonderful. I feel encouraged just by looking at your website. One of the best sites I have seen in any ministry I have come across. God Bless you for this site. May God Bless your church with even more almost looks impossible from where I am sitting to see how can God Bless you more..but I know he will, nothing's impossible with God. I am encourage and believe God can do it for my wonderful ministry/pastor here in Norfolk, VA. I love Pastor/1st Lady Russell so much. He's such a visionary and spark..I believe that God can do above and beyond expectations. Thank you for encouraging my spirit threw your website.
Anonymous, Online
Giving Honor To God:

My spirit has been so refreshed and my heart strengthend since The 21 Days In God's Presence. The Lord has answered several of the focus prayers that we were instructed to pray for during the fast... 1st. Regarding marriges, Our hearts was so convicted by the teaching of Bishop and the desire to live a life that is pleasing to God in all things that we do ...My fiancee and I made up our minds, that we would make a covenant relationship right now with God, wanting GOD to be pleased and release all blessings that he desire to give us, when we line up with him, that we purchased our wedding rings, and secured a wedding date for July 16, 2011. 2nd.... Prayers for family...My fiancee and his brother has had a broken relationship for many years, couldn't even speak with each other. And out of no where, he receives a call from his brother and started sharing with him about how we had been fasting and praying, and he said, it was the best conversation they had and talked for hours! And now his brother would love for the family to get together and would like to even come to the wedding. I must say, I am not a member of your church, I have been following your ministry online and paying my tithes regularly online and your anointing has such an overflow, that it reaches outside of the four walls of your sanctuary and touches us here in Philadlephia, Pa. And every time I pay my tithes, you cannot believe the unspeakable joy I feel in doing that, my spirit immediately is blessed, and I cannot stop smiling...and it's not that everything is going well in my life because, I am battling some major storms, but my mind has such peace, and I'm able to keep a praise on my tongue. Thank you Bishop for obeying God and ordering this Fast, it truly has blessed my soul.
I will receive the Hope Education Credit on my income tax because I am a full-time online student at University of Phoenix, and I got offered the next level grant from this school.
Delbert McMillan, Online
The Lord helped me to pay off a few bills in late October because I disciplined myself in my finances. He also helped me to carry over around $1,000 saved because I made a lot of sacrifices and disciplined myself in a ridiculous way in my finances. I even had over a thousand dollars saved after I came back from Colorado for vacation in December 2010. I made major adjustment in my finances in 2010.
Delbert McMillan, Online
I got a big bonus in my paycheck last week. The amount was around $1,000.
Delbert McMillan, Online
Just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Min. Maria Jenkins at our Annual Homecoming Service on yesterday. She preached and was used under the anointing of God. She was powerful through the word and as she ministered personally to the congregants. I am an associate minister of Refuge Temple Church of God in Cambridge, MD. I was truly blessed. Bishop and First Lady's teaching and leadership was clearly shown through this vessel. Have a blessed day.
Bishop Adrian Newton, Online
The Lord has gave a beautiful grandchild that I never had yet in years to come so far. Dec. 7th 2010 baby due in may 2011.
Shirley, Online
My grandson has a new job. He applied many times and interviewed but did not get the job. Thank you for your prayers.
Carolyn, Online
Elder demetrius hamilton, Online
I received an unexpected pay check from my school a few days ago.
Delbert McMillan, Online
Men of Valor rocked How Sweet the Sound. The choir was wonderful and wonderfully anointed. Congratulations to America's favorite church choir!!
Jessica, Online
I received a promotion on my job this past week from a GS-3 to GS-4. My paycheck on Friday was slightly large than my former one. I know that I will receive more money in my next paycheck. A couple weeks ago, a few of my bills got paid off. In addition, a check came to my Signal Financial Account a week earlier than I expected. On Thursday, I was approved for a student loan to help me finish my degree program.
Delbert McMillan, Online
I received an overdue stipend needed for school transportation
Carolyn, Online
I left a bag with books, and items that could not be replaced. The bag was turned in with everything in tack. Thank you!
Carolyn, Online
I want to praise God ahead of time for a successful, improvements in grades, skills, passing all tests with a B or better, passing certification, attaining a job regardless of my age,receiving a stipend for the amount that others receive and receiving it on time, the instructor receives funding to continue this year, transportation and I will not miss days from school.
Carolyn, Online
I was unemployed for almost 2 years. During that time I was never homeless, never without electric, never without food. Not only did God provide for my needs, He also gave me a few of my wants. But He went even further. I was interviewed for a position and offered a job as a supervisor. Then two days before I was to report for work, I received a phone call from my employer offering me a manager's position at twice the yearly income. GOD IS ABLE AND HE TAKES CARE OF HIS OWN!!
Debra Bates, Online
My Report of Praise is to tell that God is moving in my behalf is a mighty great way. I find it important to tell my praise report while I'm going through rather than wait until it has come to pass.
Kenneth Sumlin, Online
Everday I say to the Lord 'Jesus I Love You' I am so very Grateful to GOD for Jesus, throughout my adult life he has heard all of my prayers been with me in all my valleys I don't think paper can hold the many Wonderful things about Jesus, GMCHC has taught me that Satan is real and I'm not Afraid of him anymore. I Love GMCHC.
Denise Spencer, Online
For the past couple of weeks, I have been dealing with chest pains. I thought that a medicine called Phentermine was the cause of my pain. After researching information about this medicine online, I found out that this drug was one of the components of Fen-Phen, a diet pill that was recalled because of the fatal effects on the heart.

I made a decision that I would pray to GOD for my healing. I didnít want to be cut on by man. I wanted my heavenly father to heal my heart. I prayed, cried and fasted. I sent a prayer request to GMCHC via the website. I asked my brother and sister in Christ to lift me up in prayer. I even praised God in advance for the healing that I believed HE was going to give me.

On July 18, 2010, I was up at 2:40 am dealing with chest pain and heart palpitations. I prayed and cried to my heavenly father. I decided to read my word at that time in spite of my discomfort. God gave me rest through his word. When I woke up later that morning, I pressed my way to 10:45 service at my church, GMCHC. Upon my arrival, Co-Pastor, Susie Owens was still in praise from 8 am service, most of the members had left and she was still moving in the spirit. I had never sat in the first middle section before and I decided this was my time to press my way forward for a word from my GOD. Co-Pastor preached about Davidís battle with the Philistines (Ephesians 6). She elaborated on the text and said sometimes itís not for us to fight the battle but rather follow Godís instructions and he will fight the battle. This message was such a blessing to my soul. I rested in knowing that God would fight this battle for me.

I can now give my praise report. I am no longer dealing with any heart pain or palpitations. I have seen two different doctors and both of them have said that my heart is strong and healthy. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! What the devil meant for evil God has turned around for GOD. I am closer to Him, studying my word more, and leaning not to my own understanding. The devil canít cut my assignment short. It is not my time and I am so thankful to God.

A Thompson, Online
I needed Something!.. While sitting at work I decided to listen to the message from this past week and the recharging began. Thank the Lord for you Bishop and Co-Pastor, you've set the ball in motion on some things that are about to happen in me and around me.
Carmisha Trotman, Online
I received on my job a couple weeks ago. On yesterday, I was approved for a signature loan to pay off some of my debt.
Delbert McMillan, Online
As you may or may not know, last year in 2009, I stepped out on faith and left my 95k software developer job for a 45k job in teaching. I believe this is my calling - but times got hard and my faith got tested. I held out on faith asking God to order my steps and make ways and He has. Finally, it came to me looking for a second job this summer - I had been applying to jobs and nothing was coming in. Bishop Brown preached "Flavored with Favor" on one Sunday and on the following Wednesday I applied for a job and received a call for an interview the next day. After the interview on the Friday of the same week I received the job on the next day. The company offered me 10k more than what I was asking for!!!!I jumped for joy!! I have never seen a company say, "I know your only asking for this much but we are going to give you 10k more than that" OMG God is Good!!!! I am so happy because it was really bothering me that I wasn't able to complete my Million Dollar Pledge.
Tanya Lawrence-Riggins, Online
I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December 2009. At the time my nurses and doctors couldn't understand my joy because the God we serve is a healer just like He said in His Word. God has allowed me to get through chemotherapy and radiation and was my strength when I had absolutely none left at times. I will continue to praise Him as long as I breathe. To God be the Glory I AM HEALED!
S. Jenkins, Online
I got my mammogram results back in a week. A good report. Thank you for your prayers.
Carolyn Boose, Online
My daughter had to take a second mammogram because of things on first mammogram. The doctors were also going to give her a sonnagram, but the mammogram was clear. Thank you for your prayers.
Carolyn Boose, Online
Thank you for being a Great women and Man of Christ Co Pastor Susie and Pastor Owens Please left the Jones Family up in Prayer. May God Bless U.
Chelle From Washington, D.C., Online
These reports are AWESOME and so Inspirational!!! I do not feel as though I am going thru things by myself anymore because I have read the "Praise Reports" Here!! From Quitting Smoking, to Healing, to having trials at work even to God finding me my Soul Mate! I will continue to be Patient because I know that in the end HE will make things all right!

These REPORTS are Truly Inspirational
LDuvall, Online
Just wanted to share that I was sent a link to view a recent service by a facebook friend of mine. He told me that your choir sang one of my songs and that it would be on the link. Well days later, I finally got around to it. I think the particular service that I planned to see was removed but I watched the recent link!!!!! HOW TO HANDLE REJECTION!" Judges 11:1-7, 11 April 11, 2010 - 10:45 AM Service.

Today I am encouraged by your Pastor's message! What a great ministry you all have!

Dexter Walker, Online
I had the opportunity to finish reading Lady Bobette's book "Jesus said Come" today and it blessed my heart. I am in the middle of tumultuous storms in my life and after reading her book, I'm encouraged to hold on to my belief that God bided me "Come" into a situation that looks NOTHING like he bided me insomuch that others (Christians)have told me he did not. Being a soldier in the Army, I really could identify with the military scenarios and I'm encouraged to carry on! Thanks Lady Bobette!
Natalie Bishop, Online
The word from Bishop on "How To Handle Rejection" came STRAIGHT from the throne room for me. Thanks for your obedience Bishop and THANK YOU LORD for loving me enough that you would draft a message "Just For Me".
Natalie, Online
I will be starting my new job on Monday March 15,2010 as a program specialist in Gaithersburg, MD. I have been out of a job since September 09, my resume was viewed on Career Builder and that is how I was called for the job which was a first for me being that my resume was chosen and I thank God for blessing me and my two girls who I am grateful to and for being to provide for us once again. God is so good!!!!
Habibah Dennis, Online
The lord woke me up this morning with a smile on my face
Montana Johnson, Online
Promotion comes from God. My daughter recieved a promotion on her job yesterday and will be transfered to her new position 02-08-2010. She was unhappy with her present position because of unfair treatment from her Director. So we touched and agreed in Prayer on the situation. She started sending her resume to various employers through e-mail last week and after 1 day got two calls for interviews. Thank You Bishop for that Word from God on this past Sunday. God answers Prayer especially when two or three touch and agree.
Michele Casey, Online
Praise the Lord from Our Ministry in Uganda. I am very glad to meet you and surely it's a great blessing and honor to be your friend. I know it's not by mistake that we have encountered each other on the journey but it's all God's divine plans for his work and kingdom.

Thank you for being a great friend and hope to hear from you soon. I am finally back from a four day revival meeting where over 1000 people received Christ, We give God all the glory and honor.

Evangelist.Moses Mutongole

Evangelist Mose Mutongole, Online
Only God knows my struggles and my past but as time goes by I am even more blessed with people that i meet to help me overcome a little of my past at a time. I have believe that behind every struggle is a lesson and I can say that I have been taught many lessons. Some of them I did not learn much from and made the same mistake again but I have become much wiser. I have a son that is eight and a daughter that will be two in April and at times it can be a really huge challenge being a single parent. My daughter's dad through our many challenges brought me to Calvery one Sunday last year and I have joined you and Co-Pastor every sunday for service. Just to hear the voice of such good leaders is very inspiring. When I walk into the church on Sunday it feels as if I have been given a new world to enjoy. Sometimes during the week it seems to be very unbearable but I surely anticipate your services on every Sunday. Just want to let you know how grateful I am to be brought into your presence. The Calvery family has truely touched my heart.
Kiandra Willis, Online
In the 8 am service on Sunday, January 10, Bishop Owens had us bind some things on earth and heaven and loose some things on earth and heaven. One of the things he had us touch ourselves and loose was money in the mail. Well yesterday night (one day after service) when I got home and checked my mail, I had a check I was NEVER expecting to come in the mail. I have no idea why they sent it, but I praised God in my home. It wasn't about the money but I know that He wanted me to know that He knows me and hears me. Praise be to God.
K. Baldwin, Online
The Lord has delivered me from smoking cigarettes. I have no desire to smoke and by God's grace he woke me up on November 11, 2009, and it was no more. Thank you Jesus!
Shawanna Givens, Online
I was in Washington DC for the holidays visiting a verygood friend who happens to be a member of your church. I visited the church for two Sunday services and the the New Year's Eve service and had the the best time i could ever imagine. Just want to say everything was wonderful and the people were nice.
C. Lee, Online
I was in Washington, D.C. for the holidays visiting a very good friend who happens to be a member of your church. I visited the church for two Sunday services and the the New Year's Eve service and had the the best time I could ever imagine. Just want to say everything was wonderful and the people were nice.
C. Lee, Online
For 57 years my father never acknowledged or was a responsible father to his 15 children and 8 from my mother. I am his oldest child but he always wanted a son first. I don't recall any Christmas gifts from my father and he doesn't know when my birthday is. I use to think because his birthday was on Christmas he felt more deserving then his family. Long before I knew Christ I hated my father because he was physically abusive to my mother and siblings. This Christmas for the first time I received a Christmas Card from my father. My initial reaction was anger then God spoke to me and reminded me of the second chances he has given me in my life. My father was appointed by God but I have been blessed to have spiritual fathers to bless my life. When God moves in any situation it may not be swift but it will be right on time. I now can say my father gave me something and I will pray for fathers heart and soul.
Daniese Armstrong, Online
After 12 long years of prayer, fasting, preperation, and many, many tears,God has finally sent me the man I was fashioned for. This man of God was definatlely worth the wait! God has really blessed me with one of His very own. This man is all I prayed for and much more....Just when I was able to accept being single (maybe for the rest of my life!), God stepped in and sent me His love wrapped in flesh with a spirit that's so warm and true. God is true to His word....he promised to supply all of my needs and my desires, if I was to diligently seek Him....His faithfulness is great....His love for me is unmeasurable...I'm so truly thankful for all He has done and mostly for Who He is.
Minister Rosalind L. Williams, Online
Just glad to be alive.....and know that Jesus is my friend! Thank you GOD for everything!
R. Salter, Online
Like many other I go through a lot on the job because that where the attacks on me come from. Instead of hoping others change I pray to God to change me and allow me to standfast, holdfast, instead of wanting to get away from certain situations, circumstances because running from job to job or from section to section it really don't matter there's going to be somebody satan will use to attack you even the church can be used.That is why we ARMOUR our selves with GOD. Thank you Lord.

Deacon Ken Sumlin
Ken Sumlin, Online
God gave me a NEW day. I'm so grateful!

Anonymous, Online
I am a active duty service member in the Army and God is so good. The Lord saved my job as they were trying to take it away from me but God was my laywer and he set me free from my opressors the Lord is my Savior and he never fails because faith is the key
Jessica Johnson, Online
I must say that I have been blessed listening to the preaching of Co-Pastor Owens. I have laughed, cried, and praised God through the words of this powerful Women of God. Thank you for making this available for each and every one to hear. You are changing lives all around the world. Thanks to your ministry, I have been able to make it through a time of transition. I believe that this ministry will go on for generations to come.
Paula Lewis, Online
I would like to thank Bishop and Co-Pastor Owens and the GMCHC church family for opening their doors and opening their ministry via the web. I am currently deployed in Iraq and it is really awesome to go online and hear a Word from the Lord and not always having to pay for it. You all are doing Kingdom Business. I thank God for you and your ministry. Peace and Blessings
Damiene White, Online
I was going through a lot on my job and no one would listen. I went from person to person and then I took it to my Lord and I am at peace now. I give all my praise to my Father who is my boss. I put it in the Lords hand. Thank God!
Arlene Tutt, Online
I have had four (4) surgeries in four (4) months - two to resolve threat of cancer and two (2) for a skin graft for my burned hand. And, I am still here praising the lord. Thank you Jesus - all the surgeries went well. Praise the Lord!
Theresa Smith, Online
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